Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Little Book That Could

This news is actually two days old, but I'm still going to consider it news. PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS made Publishers Weekly's Best of the Year list! It is one of the five books picked for the Mass Market category. Also on the list is my Levy Tour compadre Jordan Dane whose book NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM actually came out on the same day as PA. Congratulations, Jordan.

It's been years since I read PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS. And recently, during an online chat, when asked my favorite character of mine--Gigi's mother from PA--I misspelled her name. :-) So getting on the PW list has been fun and sweet rather than rolling-on-the-floor thrilling, like watching a childhood friend succeed from afar.

Now back to work on NOT QUITE A HUSBAND, which is, of course, going to be my best book EVA! :-)


AAR Rachel said...

This IS really fantastic news, both for you and the genre. Congratulations!

Sherry Thomas said...

Thank you, Rachel!

Sherry Thomas said...

And congratulations on becoming a publisher at AAR.

Kim said...

Hi, Sherry,

Congratulations. I've told you before that I think this was one of the best books that I've read this year. Glad that PW agrees.

Count me as one reader who liked your original covers. However, I also like NYaH. The red really pops. Go figure.

Looking forward to reading the new one.

Janine said...

Huge congrats from me too. That is so fabulous!

Sherry Thomas said...


Thanks. That's so sweet of you.



Meredith Duran said...

Congrats and rock on, Sherry! I gave a squeal and clap when I heard the news. Can't wait for Not Quite A Husband...!

Sherry Thomas said...


I can't wait for your books next summer. Let's do some cross promotion.