Friday, March 27, 2009

Delicious FTW, I hope

DELICIOUS is up now against the number 1 seed in the bracket, Loretta Chase's YOUR SCANDALOUS WAYS, in the DABWAHA tournament. I didn't even notice when PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS went down. PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS can take care of itself, but DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS is my precious, preciousssss...

Okay, enough of my indecent love for that book. If you enjoyed DELICIOUS, please vote for it at Voting closes 8pm EDT today.

And here is DELICIOUS in all its audio glory. Sigh, so pretty.


Kim said...

I've been voting in the contest, but who ever heard of some of these books? With that said, I'm pretty happy with my standing in the tournament. Here's hoping Delicious wins its bracket.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Delicious in dabwaha. You get my vote for Hella-good author!
Congrats on the RITA noms for Private Arrangements - it totally deserves it!
I can't wait for Not Quite a Husband!

Nynke said...

Hmmm, I checked in too late to vote, but I agree! The cover for Delicious looks very pretty!

Sherry Thomas said...


I know what you mean. I hadn't even heard of many of the contenders, so how do you really vote, especially between two books you haven't read?

But still it's good clean fun, as they say. :-)


Not a problem. It was always a quixotic quest going up against Loretta Chase. And thank you so much!


I so love that audio cover. Glad you agree. ;-)